The Laws Of Social Dynamics

Any time you have an idea you want to get across to someone else, you are required to communicate this the proper way. So no matter what you’re doing, if you’re doing with another human being, you’ll need communication.

Let me first talk about something, that is preventing good communication from taking place. Now it’s one of those things, that everyone knows about it, but because they haven’t observed it or they haven’t seen the proper way to do it, it’s ok to do.

No matter what you have going up in your head, you could be brilliant, strong, whatever. It needs to somehow transfer to the outside. The form of doing that is what we call communication. From here to out there a lot of things happen. So I know a lot of people, that are brilliant, but when they talk, they sound like a douche.

The activity of doing that is communication

You as a businessman, pick up artist, as anyone who wants to be successful in life, need to master communication. And I don’t mean being kind of good at it, because we live in a society, that everybody sucks at it. They’re not even ok, they suck at it. You know how I know? People say things like: "I love Arash, he speaks his mind." Well, what else should I speak? "He’s able to just talk and he’s interesting." Well, what else should I do?

You, when you approach a female, the way you walk up to her, the way you look, how you lean forward and back, how you’re dressed, how your tonality is, what your hands are doing, all of that is communicating to her. Now she may on a conscious level greet you, but I promise you this: The last time she bought a car, the last time she went out and had a good time, the last time she picked a boyfriend, had nothing to do with her conscious mind

I guarantee you she consciously reasoned why she made that subconscious decision based on her emotions.

So consciously she complied, but on a deeper level she’s watching you and sees: your voice is not strong enough, you’re talking too fast etc., but she doesn’t know this on a conscious level. All she knows is, that she feels something, she feels not good. Consciously she makes a rational on why she doesn’t like you.

That would be all very bad, if there wasn’t a way to trigger that, where you walk up, she feels an emotion of being attracted to you. And she will consciously make a decision for this. She’ll figure it out, but her emotions will trigger this in her.

And you’re gonna walk up and have an intelligent conversation with her… No, you’re going to walk up and have an emotional, powerful, seductive communication with her, that’s going to trigger in her all the right emotions and then her mind will start to make reasons up for that. That’s what you’re going to do.

Then you use the conscious talk to keep her mind busy, occupied. Imagine 2 guards at the door, you’re going to bullshit with them. After a while, as they’re doing that, you’re going from behind the walls.

So you keep their mind occupied, with some chatter. Meanwhile, on a deeper level, they’re feeling something. and that’s your job. Your job is to communicate in a way, where she feels something. Your job is not to talk in a way where she can walk away and logically say: yes, I liked talking to him. Even if she says you’re cute.

So there is a language you have to understand, it’s a language of emotions. Your job as a seduction artist, different then a pickup artist is to create a certain level of emotion in her. Emotions that she deems worthy and she’d pay for. That's how I see it.

You have to learn the language of emotions and how to trigger it. You have to get out of the logical mind.

This is what "The Laws Of Social Dynamics" will teach you!


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