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Mastering Game Workshop

The moment you see a beautiful woman, you cannot help but feel attracted. The same goes for her. The moment an attractive man walks up to her, she cannot help but feel a sense of attraction towards him.

Yet still, what most guys out there will do is ignore the fact, that there is no attraction at all, so they try to logically convince her, why she should be with them...

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Enigma, The Principles Of Zepar

Your perception creates your reality, so start writing the storyline just like you intend it to be!  In August 2016 Arash gave an event called Enigma and taught a few selected students the principles of Zepar, the demon of seduction.

These were teachings of persuasion and seduction, that I have never taught to anybody up to that point. Since then many have asked for the recording, however, the price was at 10k... until now!

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The Alpha Male Series

Attraction is about more than just money and looks. It’s a form of communication. Attraction is a secret language that only a few men know and if you can master it, you can get any woman you want.

Learn the complete process of developing an attractive personality so that you can start seeing immediate results. The topics covered in this product are...

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Game Or Die

4 Hours 17 Minutes

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Beyond The Game

3 Hours 52 Minutes

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Reignite The Fire Within

34 Minutes

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The Hidden Vortex

3 Hours 13 Minutes

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The Oracle Of Her Mind

5 Hours 39 Minutes

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Seductive Communication

4 Hours 16 Minutes

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Magical Seduction

3 Hours 37 Minutes

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Deep Comfort

2 Hours 31 Minutes

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2 Hours 58 Minutes

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The Alchemist

4 Hours 19 Minutes

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5 Hours 08 Minutes

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The Eyes Of Truth

1 Hour 18 Minutes

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The Alchemist

12 Hours 2 Minutes

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