The 7th Seal

Lecture 1: The Awakening

Lecture 2: Inside The Matrix

Lecture 3: Breaking Out Of The Prison

Lecture 4: A journey through the past

Lecture 5: Connect yourself to nature

Lecture 6: The power of telepathie

Lecture 7: The knowledge of the gods

Length: 5 Hours 26 Minutes

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Embark with us on a journey through your internal world: Are you trying to effect other people, trying to spread your generosity, love, and goodness, trying to create a deep relationship with another person? Do you have internal blocks, that are preventing you from fully expressing yourself? Start to get rid of them and do not allow them to stop you from reaching out with your energy. The blocks have been uncovered and the code has been cracked. You are about to experience an enormous shift in your life.

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