Solomon's Temple

Lecture 1: Access their mind to access their body

Lecture 2: What thoughts are you choosing to have?

Lecture 3: How to become magnetic in any social situation

Lecture 4: Know the truth about relationships

Length: 4 Hours 56 Minutes

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Unlock the secrets of Solomon’s Temple Get a taste of some of the most powerful information about communication and the mind. Take a piece of this knowledge, go out in the world and you will experience nothing less than mental magic. No one taught you about these powers and now the time has come for you to get your hands on it. The topics covered in this product are:


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What are the seven keys to Solomon’s Temple? She said “Fuck off“ or “I’m not interested“. What is the best way to handle this? Do never allow the people to dictate what the moment means. Declare it yourself. Do you know how to do this? The door to her is opened in her mind, not her body. The quality of being mysterious and unknown is very attractive. Learn how to display both of them. What is the best way to keep yourself interested in your long-term girlfriend? How should you act when next to your girl, other attractive women are around? When going out, you have to demonstrate, that you are not chasing pussy. There is a very important reason for this. Create a lifestyle that women find attractive. You have to understand why the physical universe takes a lot longer to adapt, in contrast to the mental universe. How can you transfer your thoughts and emotions without speaking? How can you avoid sets from going cold and keep the attraction up? These and many other mindblowing topics await you. Once you make the payment, you'll get instant online access to the lectures. May you never be the same again.

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