Déjà - Vu

Lecture 1: Is it true?

Lecture 2: The wisest man of his time

Lecture 3: The gift of choice

Lecture 4: So be it

Lecture 5: Is it your business?

Lecture 6: Natural laws

Lecture 7: The beauty of your art

Length: 4 Hours 54 Minutes

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You will believe: We all have created an identity throughout our life. In many cases the identity was given to us by our parents, friends and society. It was build on certain values and believes with which we don’t necessarily agree and which we can’t seem to get rid off. Know, that the solution to your curse is finally here. You can be whoever you want, it is your choice. All you need to do is break your chains and set yourself free. This is the gift that I will give you in “Déjà vu“. It is the gift of a new chance, a new beginning.

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