Lecture 1: The divine within you

Lecture 2: How to alter reality

Lecture 3: Cause & Effect

Lecture 4: Push your mind

Lecture 5: Maintaining change

Lecture 6: The truth shall set you free

Length: 5 Hours 39 Minutes

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Are you the creator or the created? At some point in our life, all of us had a vision of what our profession should be, how our relationship should look like and what kind of lifestyle we wanted. Years later many people wake up and find themselves unfortunately in a completely different condition. They don't like their job, the person they're with and the lifestyle they have. They didn't create the life they wanted but were created by their environment and the standards of society. They are not aware of the process they went through. Dive deep in the lectures of Abracadabra and discover some of the most powerful secrets about you, your life and your identity, that were hidden from you. You will never be the same again.

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